Peonies are perennial garden classics. They are called perennial as they live more than two years. Well, we are almost in a peony season and these stunning, colorful, and fragrant, these blooms are popular around the world for all good reasons. Believe us when we say that these beauties have more than 3000 varieties. 

The historical backdrop of this blossom begins in China. The flowers have been developed there as a result of their roots and blossoms. The Chinese ate the roots since it would fix your fever. Beginning around 1784 Peonies have been found in Europe. Generally, the peony is linked to healing and 

attraction, but the Chinese word for “most beautiful” also translates as peony, isn’t it makes sense that they should be known to symbolize beauty and love as well. 

Peonies are world-class flower that adds beauty to their surroundings whether used alone or in combination with other flowers. These grow and

blossom over the spring and summer. They pass on back every autumn and winter, then spring to life once more in Spring from their rootstock. 

Peonies are unique and properly define luxury, love, extravagance, happiness, and health. Individually peony blossoms can reach up to 10 inches wide, contingent upon they are also available in dark red, coral, hot pink, white and yellow colors. Also, you can never ignore the variation in the petal style. There are single, double, and then filler flowers. Peonies make the phenomenal cut flowers and can endure over seven days in a vase; it’s even conceivable to save the buds for as long as 90 days in the fridge to enjoy the blossoms long after their normal sprouting season. Peonies are carefree plants and incredibly easy to grow and flourish. 

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